Why Roompik is great for London?

As a global city London attracts all types of flatsharers from gap yearers to middle aged professionals that have moved for a job. Roompik ensures all flatmate seekers have logged in with Facebook providiging their background and life style along with where they want to live. This cuts out of unnecessary room viewings that occur when using other platforms. Imagine going from the Reading to view a flat in Shoreditch only discover you didn't like the flatmates? What a waste of time that would be!

Where are the best places for young professionals to flatshare in London?

As a general rule hipsters looking to flatshare head east to places to like Shortditch, Brick Lane and Hackney. Social climbers inevitably end up in Clapham and if you're super posh head to Chelsea if you've got the bunts for a sapre room to rent. Overall most places in London are pretty awesome to live in, where you work and price is probably more important. Less time commuting means more time having fun with your flat mates

Why is London a great place to live?

London has pretty much everything going for it so lets start with the things it doesn't have as they are few and far between. It has weather that give's the average Spanish footballer a mental breakdown, an average sky line (when compared to Rio, Cape Town, Sydney etc) and property prices that make the answer professional salary's eye's water. Aside from that you can expect world class sport, transport, education, music and theatre. Oh and of course a sea of characterful areas and pubs for you to explore with your flatmates.